Guide on the Phases of a Personal Injury Claim

You have the right to seek compensation for injuries when you are involved in an accident. There is no need to file a lawsuit. In fact, most people settle the claim through negotiation. Insurance companies usually will prevent you from getting a lot of money from the claim. Therefore, you will need to file a well-documented claim to persuade the insurance company to make a good offer. If you aren’t knowledgeable in this area, you can get a family law attorney to handle the entire process.

Notifying the Parties that are involved

The first step of filing a personal injury claim is to notify the parties that are involved. If you have a lawyer, he will help you to make phone calls and send letters to all the parties involved. If they have any questions, they should call or write to the law firm.

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Compiling Evidence

After notifying the parties, you will have to do some investigation to collect the evidence. This involves taking photos and examining the items at the accident scene. Experienced injury lawyers also can assist in matters such as interviewing the witness, and contacting the police department for copies of investigative reports. You should work with your lawyer and relate everything you know about the incident. Your lawyer will know what compensations you qualify for after reviewing the evidence.

To receive compensation for the medical bills, you will need to provide proof of medical records and the bill from the hospital. These include the cost of doctor diagnosis and medical treatment. You can also get compensation for any long term effect on your health as a result of the accident injury. For compensation in the loss of wages, you will need to submit proof of your payroll. Your lawyer can help you to submit a request for the payroll to the employer. If you are self-employed, you should provide proof of earnings records to validate the claim for the loss of income.

Dispatching the Demand Package

The true cost of the injury is only calculated after you have completed the treatment and make improvement in the treatment. Your personal injury lawyer can compose a demand letter to demand compensation from the insurance company after you have reached maximum medical improvement. The Demand Package will include the evidence that has been compiled and a letter that presents your case to the opposing party’s insurance company. There is a higher chance of settling if you can obtain help from a personal injury attorney.

Reaching Settlement Negotiations

Your personal injury lawyer will attempt to settle with the insurance company. Settlement negotiations can take place at any phase of the personal injury case before it is being taken to full court proceedings. If it is not successful, you can decide for the case to proceed to a court trial. There will be some time before the court trial will take place. However, the actual court trial will last for a day to a week. It is difficult to appeal after the court trial is finalized.

Author: Alejandrina Jimenez